the difference

Serious results!

We advise our clients in many different contexts. Some clients come to us because they are already performing well and want the most innovative, complete and holistic set of ideas and approaches to stay at the top of their game; others because they have not kept pace with their industry and need new ideas and ways of running their businesses toturn things around. Whatever the situation, our advice is always tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. At the heart of our advice is an engagement model based on the following principles:

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industry knowledge

Our offer is designed for executives running businesses, rather than for specific industries. We believe our point of view, approach, areas of expertise and client service model are relevant to all general managers, whatever their industry. As a result, we have served clients in most major industries, and by virtue of our deep client experience we have expertise in the following:

Consumer Goods
including FMCG, food and beverages, luxury goods
Financial Services
including retail, private, commercial and investment banking, insurance and assurance, asset management, and consumer finance and credit cards Food Services
Media and Entertainment
Multi-Business Companies
Oil and Gas
Pharmaceuticals and Health Care
Private Equity

our history

We started the firm in 1978 with a simple yet powerful idea: that we could help executives of large corporations more effectively manage their businesses by combining innovations in investment management with developments in the emerging field of strategic management.

Our early work helped business leaders identify where value was being created and destroyed within their business portfolios. We pioneered performance measures such as economic profit and warranted equity value, which incorporate a charge for the capital employed in the business. We called this new approach "Value-Based Portfolio Management." It was a big idea and a great platform for developing our US business through the early 1980s.

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